Gloves and Glove Recycling

Your employees need to stay safe while they handle sharp objects and other workplace hazards. That’s why you need clean safety gloves. Closed Loop’s reusable glove laundering process keeps your protective gloves clean while reducing your reliance on disposable gloves. Over 100 million employees wear personal protective equipment every day in the workplace while handling a variety of tasks. With the growing issue of these items ending up in landfills or getting incinerated and the cost of products for single use, it makes sense to launder and clean your safety gloves..

With the PPE market continuing to grow in the coming years, the workers in oil and gas, construction, and manufacturing industries will drive the need for more PPE. Think of how much PPE your company buys every month, yet it’s only used once. CLR works to provide a proprietary process to divert these from landfills and incineration and provide a laundering solution so products can be used more efficiently and consistently.

PPE Gloves

At Closed Loop Recycling, we’ve added a proprietary glove laundering process separate from our absorbent laundering. We launder different types of gloves including Kevlar, high impact, leather, PU dipped, and more. We collect, launder, quality inspect, pair, and return your PPE on a set service schedule. With our sustainability reporting and simply priced glove laundering service, your PPE are in good hands.

Glove Reuse

Closed Loop Recycling puts your dirty gloves through our proprietary and environmentally friendly laundering process, making them fully usable again. Reducing waste is the main goal of any company’s green initiatives, and CLR provides that for you so your gloves stay in circulation longer than a single use.


Like protective gloves, welding, cut-resistant, and other types of sleeves protect your employees while they complete their tasks. We launder your sleeves for a flat rate to keep them clean and safe for employee use, pair, and inspect their quality before returning them to ensure they still work effectively.


We clean and launder your denim or fire-resistant aprons to prevent them from degrading beyond repair. This service keeps you from throwing aprons out, and it keeps them in use as long as possible.


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Why Clean and Reuse Your Protective Gloves?

Cleaning reusable gloves not only cuts down on waste your facility created but also keeps product in house longer than a single use. Most manufacturers have added cleaning recommendations specifically for glove laundering on their websites. OSHA recommends to quality inspect gloves before use and evaluate the reuse of gloves – visual inspection helps detect cuts or tears/deficiencies that are caused by excessive use. We remove those and send back the clean gloves, paired and ready to use.

Benefits of Our Glove Laundering Process

Our glove laundering process offers a range of benefits, including:

Efficient Workplace Operations

We thoroughly clean your protective gloves and put them through our whole laundering process. Outsourcing your glove cleaning eliminates manufacturers from your process and helps zero landfill goals become a reality. We check that your gloves are still in good condition and remove any that have reached the end of their lifespan. These processes allow your employees to focus more on their jobs while keeping gloves available for all the types of work they do throughout the day.

Manageable Costs

Our glove laundering services come with pricing per pair that is a fraction of your glove purchase costs. This pricing model keeps your glove budget manageable.

Clean Your Protective Gloves With Closed Loop Recycling

Contact us today to take advantage of our glove cleaning services. We have the knowledge and experience to clean your gloves in ways that protect their materials while meeting your sustainability goals and needs.

Reliable Recycling

Closed Loop Recycling enhances the standard concept of laundering When you need a partner that thinks outside the drum, you need CLR

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