Recycling for Metal Stamping Industries

Closed Loop Recycling offers PPE and absorbent recycling solutions for metal stamping businesses across the country, saving you time and money.

Metal stamping processes require a careful hand and protective equipment to keep your employees safe. The stamping process also produces oil, coolant, and other liquids that leak across surfaces and collect around your work stations. Closed Loop Recycling has a recycling solution that takes the needs of your industry into account to keep your employees safe and reduce your spending on disposable cleaning solutions.

PPE for Sheet Metal

Stamped metal comes in many shapes and sizes. The stamping process causes small shards of metal to go airborne; hot metals are being handled across the workspace; and your employees need personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep themselves safe from stray metals, high temperatures, and dangerous debris. Closed Loop Recycling offers a wide range of PPE, including:

CLR also offers recycling solutions for all of our PPE products. We help give you a cost-effective solution by recycling and cleaning the PPE you use, extracting metals, liquids, and more to return it to you as good as the day you bought it. Whether you need PPE glove recycling services or a new line of safety vests for the workplace, we have everything you need.

Metal stamp worker using machine to stamp metal

Absorbents for a Mechanical Industry

CLR has a variety of absorbents to help make your life easier. Whether you need mats to keep certain areas clear of liquids or shop towels for quick oil spill cleaning, we have everything you need to succeed. All of our absorbents benefit from our Minimal Liquid Discharge process as well, which extracts all the liquids from an otherwise unusable tool, thoroughly cleans it, then sends everything back to you as fresh as the day you bought it. Recycling is an innovative process, and CLR prides itself on finding better ways to help you achieve your green initiatives.

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Minimal Liquid Discharge

Closed Loop Recycling specializes in helping companies achieve green initiatives through our services. Our Minimal Liquid Discharge process is one of the leading ways we help businesses meet their green initiatives. We recycle any and all PPE products you have, making them like new for you and saving you up to 80% by reducing the need to buy new disposable materials.  Choose CLR for your MLD process today, and you can start experiencing cost savings and help the environment.

PPE Laundry Services

Reduce the risks of your workplace and protect your employees with the expert solutions of CLR. We help you achieve green initiatives, keep your business clean, and lower your overall spending through our products and innovative recycling solutions. When you need to keep your metal stamping machinery clean and your workers safe, think outside the drum with Closed Loop Recycling.

Reliable Recycling

Closed Loop Recycling takes the standard idea of recycling and enhances it. When you need services that think outside the drum, you need CLR.