Thermoforming and Plastic Injection Molding Industry

Closed Loop Recycling provides innovative recycling solutions for the thermoforming and plastic injection molding industries.

The demand for injection molding plastics and thermoforming will keep each industry around for years, which means that businesses in each need to look out for their workers and their bottom lines. With the solutions of Closed Loop Recycling to help, your company has access to personal protective equipment (PPE), absorbents, and professional recycling solutions that will save you time and money within the first month.

PPE for Plastic Injection Molding and Thermoforming

Working with hot plastics and a variety of machinery provides multiple dangerous jobs for workers to manage each day. With the right personal protective equipment (PPE) on hand, nobody has to worry about their safety. CLR offers PPE solutions for your business to reduce risk and save you money, with options including:

Our PPE solutions keep your workers protected from stray plastic parts, hot materials, and other workplace hazards. Our recycling solutions keep your PPE in use longer by extracting the liquids and solids trapped in the material and thoroughly washing them. This saves you up to 80% on PPE costs in the first month and reduces overall expenses dramatically.

plastic injection molding worker using a large machine

Plastic Injection Molding and Thermoforming Industry Absorbents

When you work in an industry that relies on different machinery to help get the job done, there are bound to be liquid spills and leaks eventually. Keep your workspace clean and safe with the absorbent recycling services of CLR. We offer everything from hydromats to shop towels so spills of any size are cleaned up properly. This makes the injection molding process safer for your workers and reduces wear on the machines and accident-prone areas from being created.

With molding and thermoforming in a similar industrial vein to a manufacturing process, having adequate storage options keeps your workspace clean and tidy, reducing time lost while looking for cleaning agents. Our recycling services also cut down on costs by putting your used absorbents through our Minimal Liquid Discharge process, which extracts the dirt and liquids from the fabric and returns them to you as good as new.

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Minimal Liquid Discharge

Achieving your green initiatives is easy with CLR. We specialize in industrial textiles, focusing on helping businesses achieve green initiatives. The Minimal Liquid Discharge process is one of the best ways to achieve and comply with green initiatives.

We thoroughly clean these your personal protective equipment, or PPE, so they are like new. Then, we extract the liquid and recycle it, too, saving you time, money, and helping the environment.

Reliable Absorbent and PPE Recycling Services

Closed Loop Recycling provides solutions that help you save your budget and the environment at the same time. When you need to achieve your green initiatives and reduce your PPE and absorbent costs by up to 80% in the first month, contact Closed Loop Recycling today.

Reliable Recycling

Closed Loop Recycling takes the standard idea of recycling and enhances it. When you need services that think outside the drum, you need CLR.