Customer Owned Goods

If your business has a preferred wiper option, Closed Loop Recycling can launder your facility’s preferred wipers and more!

If you use an industrial reusable textile in your facility, Closed Loop Recycling offers a full service to pick up those up and bring them back laundered, refreshed, and almost as good as new. Whether they are filter bags, bar towels, low-lint, microfibers, or mixed colors, we can provide solutions to your business’s green goals.

Don’t see what you use in your facility? Contact us to find out how we can help.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Worried your wipers or rags are too dirty to be laundered?

COG Miscellaneous

Our process includes an extensive quality inspection step to ensure metal or other foreign objects are extracted from each piece of equipment before it goes through our revolutionary minimal liquid discharge process. This process removes liquids that are ingrained in the fabric, cleaning the material and cleaning the separated liquid for further use. We also offer customized reporting options so you can see how much money was saved, how much waste was kept out of the landfill, and how many items you are able to reuse. Nothing gets by our process and we also have zero emissions, so not only are we reducing your asset costs, but we also reduce your carbon footprint. Innovative recycling options start with CLR.

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Learn more about our recycling services, including shop towels, wipers, and PPE laundering.