Metal and Plastic Fabrication Industry Recycling Solutions

Closed Loop Recycling specializes in providing PPE assets and recycling services for metal and plastic fabrication companies to help keep their workers safe.

The metal and plastic fabrication industry handles die cutting, injection molding, and more with a wide range of businesses and products. Each of these businesses handles dangerous materials daily that require protective equipment and absorbents to keep employees and their workstations safe. CLR offers a wide variety of services and recycling solutions to help keep you safe and efficient.

Plastic and Metal PPE Recycling

Closed Loop Recycling understands the importance of workplace safety. In the metal and plastic fabrication industry, there are many scenarios and positions in which personal protective equipment (PPE) is needed. Since fabrication services are part of the manufacturing industry, there are many dangerous situations where PPE would benefit your workers. CLR offers a wide range of PPE products, including:

Our recycling program also helps your business save up to 80% of the original cost of purchasing and maintaining your equipment. Through our Minimal Liquid Discharge process, your PPE is thoroughly cleaned so that your PPE is returned for use again. Keep your workers safe with CLR’s professional recycling laundry services.

metal welder working on a large metal tube

Absorbents for the Plastic and Metal Fabrication Industry

Manufacturing processes can produce liquid spills around machinery and in walkways. Having absorbents in place keeps machinery clean and the workspace accident-free. CLR offers many different absorbents—from absorbent mats to shop towels—to help keep your facility clean. If you need storage, we also provide a range of options for distribution and collection to ensure a 5S friendly program. All of the absorbents we offer are fully recyclable, so you save time and money by relying on the experts at CLR.

Specialized Recycling Services

Whether you need PPE equipment or absorbent options for your work environment, you can rely on Closed Loop Recycling experts to help save you money and stress.

Minimal Liquid Discharge

Our Minimal Liquid Discharge process is a cost-effective way to achieve your company’s green initiatives. CLR specializes in helping businesses meet this rewarding imitative by taking used mats, rags, and towels, recycling them through our laundering service, and extracting the liquids they absorb. This process saves you money by eliminating the need for new disposable materials and disposal services, like incineration.

Professional PPE Laundry Services

Working alongside plastic and metal products and materials doesn’t have to be costly or dangerous. Closed Loop Recycling helps cut down on the PPE and absorbent costs your company incurs each quarter through effective recycling and laundry services. We also help you boost your green initiatives and save the environment by reducing the amount of equipment and materials you throw away each month. When you need expert recycling solutions tailored to your industry’s needs, think outside the drum with Closed Loop Recycling.

Reliable Recycling

Closed Loop Recycling takes the standard idea of recycling and enhances it. When you need services that think outside the drum, you need CLR.