Reusable Oil Absorbent Poly Mats

A poly mat absorbs all non-hazardous liquids it comes in contact with, keeping your facility floor protected from potential slipping risks. Our super-absorbent mats are capable of absorbing oils, coolants, and water. These oil-absorbent mats can retain practical functionality longer than your average disposable mat and are recycling-friendly.

Our mats feature:

  • Proprietary blends

  • All-inclusive services

  • Three thickness options

  • Variety of sizing options to fit any application

  • Versatility and longevity

These mats are able to absorb all non-hazardous liquids including, but not limited to, oils, coolants, and water. Nicknamed “marathon mats” because they are able to stay down on facility floors longer than your average disposable mat.



Light, Medium and Heavy
ColorGray or Black
Sizes: Small
9″x18″ | 18″x18″ | 24″x36″
Sizes: Medium
3’x4′ | 3’x5′ | 3’x6′ | 3’x8′
Sizes: Large
3’x10′ | 3’x12′ | 3’x14′
Versatile, long lasting
Under machines, walkways

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