Outside the Drum Recycling Solutions

CLR provides unique and impactful recycling programs for industrial sites. Our services include reusable absorbent programs, PPE laundering programs for gloves, sleeves, and safety vests, as well as rag and shop towel services.


Absorbent Recycling

Poly, Quilted, Universal, Sock Sub


Rag Laundering

T-Rags, Shop Towels, Wipers


PPE Laundering

Gloves, Aprons, Vests, Jackets, Sleeves

What We Do

Closed Loop Recycling provides recycling services that will help to keep your workplace, as well as the environment clean, by diverting waste from the landfill.

We offer recycling services for our Poly Absorbent mats,  Absorbent Socks, Quilted mats, and Universal mats that can handle oil spills while repelling water.

We help companies reach their zero landfill initiatives by offering full-service recycling programs that clean, inspect, and return PPE for reuse with comprehensive sustainability reporting.

We provide shop towel laundering services, where we wash the non-hazardous fluids from used towels and return them to you for reuse.

Similar to our shop towel laundering services, we also launder reusable mixed and white T-shirt rags.

Storage and Distribution Options

Our recycling services include various setup stations for storage units for laundered industrial PPE and absorbent mats, that best suits your company’s needs.


Closed Loop Recycling has been able to recycle our pads and eliminate our landfill footprint and costs, saving my company approximately $5000/ year in disposal cost. CLR is an exceptional company to work with. They are professional and conscientious on providing the best service for their companies. I would recommend this company for any of their services.

Barbara R.

In comparison to other mats, your mats are more effective and environmentally friendly. The availability of different sizes to fit the needs of certain situations and easy clean up make this product great! I would also like to add that all who serve our lab, worked with great professionalism and efficiency to get what we needed to be done and not take our time away from machining tasks.

Matthew W.

About Us

Our commitment to bettering your business goes beyond saving you money. Our recycling services prevent additional environmental waste and produce no additional waste themselves, leading to better industrial processes and waste stream management overall. Simply put, our process turns 3 waste streams into 3 reusable products! When you need an ideal PPE recycling program or reusable alternatives for absorbents, wipers and rags, CLR has got your solution.
For a successful, cost-effective industrial recycling solution, contact CLR today.

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Reliable Recycling

Closed Loop Recycling takes the standard idea of recycling and enhances it. When you need services that think outside the drum, you need CLR.

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