Industrial Absorbent Mats

Absorb leaks and spills with reusable absorbent mats.

Looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to manage leaks and spills?

Workplace absorbents are a must-have, but disposable options such as PIG® and Oil-Dri® can end up costing you more money, time, and hassle.

CLR offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative with a wide range of reusable absorbent mats and socks! Each mat type is reusable, making it a sustainable solution for your workplace needs.

We have reusable absorbent mats for every job, ensuring that each situation and liquid receives the appropriate response. Our selection of reusable absorbent mats are designed to handle a variety of leaks, spills, and overspray, including hydraulic fluid, oil, coolant, and water spills. Say goodbye to disposable options and their disposable costs, switch to our reusable and reliable mats.

  • Known as our marathon matting, this product has been proven to hold up to 5x more fluid than a disposable mat
  • Proprietary blend, reusable, and universal
  • Custom sizes available
  • Quick absorbing
  • Excellent for wiping thinner fluids
  • Low-lint
  • Anti-slip for slick surfaces
  • Float on the water to absorb spills
  • Anti-trip
  • For controlling leaks and spills against/next to machines
  • Replacement for cylindrical socks/snakes
  • Protects drains

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The Benefits of Reusable, Industrial Absorbent Mats

When it comes to absorbent mats, choosing reusable options instead of disposable ones has several benefits that extend beyond just being environmentally friendly. Here are some of the advantages of opting for reusable mats:


  • Labor hours spent on spill clean-ups
  • Spend on disposable matting


  • Absorbent matting for years, no more single use


  • Absorbent mats
  • Fluids extracted
  • Collection containers

Not only do you help the environment and save money with reusable absorbent mats but Closed Loop Recycling can also help you reach your green initiatives by developing a custom recycling program tailored to your operational needs when you choose from our high-quality line of reusable floor mats. Make the switch to reusable mats today and start reaping the benefits for your business and the environment.

Service Options

We restock clean inventory and then consolidate & replace the dirty collection containers to bring back to a CLR processing facility for cleaning and reuse. The fluids, absorbents and containers are all reused!

Full Service

Close up of blue waste containers

CLR can service as needed or on a set schedule and restock clean inventory while consolidating the dirty to bring back to a processing facility

Shipping Program

Absorbent Drum Bundle

CLR can ship you clean product and in return, you ship the dirty product back.


Sustainability Reports

  • Eliminates your waste manifest for absorbent material

  • This documents the amount of solid and liquid waste you’ve diverted from the landfill or incineration

  • Document details month-of, year-to-date, and program-to-date

  • Maintain your ISO 14001 Certification, achieve your zero landfill and zero waste goals

  • Accomplish your ESG and green initiatives

  • Access all reports in your customer portal

Standard Station

Our standard station setup includes two 55-gallon drums. The drums come with corresponding, 5S-friendly signage. The “Clean Absorbents” drum is filled with new or laundered absorbents. The “Used Absorbents” drum is used as a collection drum for fully saturated absorbents. The standard station is simple and aesthetically pleasing for your operations. Our stations can also be used for wipers, rags, and PPE so you always have options.

  • Two 55-Gallon Collection Drums with Locking Lids
  • Color Options: Black or Blue

Industries That Benefit From

Oil Absorbent Mats, Socks & Pads

No matter what industry you work in, CLR has a solution to help keep your workplace clean and safe. Here are some of the industries we proudly serve with our reusable absorbents:

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