PPE for the Manufacturing Industry

Closed Loop Recycling offers a wide variety of PPE and absorbent products to keep your manufacturing business safe, clean, and green.

Manufacturing employees encounter liquid waste, potentially dangerous jobs, and dirty environments daily. Working closely with machinery means there’s always the possibility of an oil slick, coolant leak, or stray sparks and metal that could cause injury. With the right PPE and absorbent solutions on hand, your employees can work without issue throughout the day.

PPE Recycling Solutions

Closed Loop Recycling understands the importance of safety in a manufacturing environment. Since you work with machinery all day, you need equipment that protects your employees and is fully recyclable. Our personal protective equipment (PPE) options give you plenty of protective options for your employees, including:

Since the manufacturing process works closely with machinery and hazardous materials, our PPE ensures complete protection from dangerous substances. If it becomes dirty or worn out, our treatment process removes the dirt, liquids, and other elements from the material and returns everything to you in pristine condition. Whether you need a fresh shipment of PPE gloves for hand protection, aprons for protective welding, or safety vests for working regulations, CLR has the solutions to help you get the job done.

Manufacturing Absorbents

The manufacturing process involves many different liquids that end up on machinery, various surfaces, clothing, and more. Having absorbents on hand ensures worker safety by keeping workstations clean and hazard-free.

From absorbent mats to T-rags, we have many different absorbent options for you to choose from based on your preference or requirements. We have storage options to keep all your clean and dirty absorbents separated and conveniently placed. When they run out of use, our Minimal Liquid Discharge process thoroughly cleans your absorbents by removing all the liquids absorbed and restoring them to working order. Save time, money, and stress when you rely on Closed Loop Recycling.

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Minimal Liquid Discharge

CLR has expertise in industrial textiles, focusing on helping companies achieve green initiatives with our industry-leading recycling services. Our Minimal Liquid Discharge process is one of the supporting factors behind these green initiatives. You give us your used mats, rags, towels, we launder them, and extract the liquids they absorb.

The extracted liquid is recycled, and so are your used products, only now, they are like new. This process saves you up to 80% by decreasing the requirement to purchase new disposable materials. Our process saves time, it’s cost-effective, and it helps the environment.

Reliable Recycling Solutions

Reduce the risk of your workplace and protect your employees with the expert solutions of CLR. We help you achieve green initiatives, keep your business clean, and lower your overall spending through our products and innovative recycling solutions. When you need to keep your machinery clean and your workers safe, contact Closed Loop Recycling for cost-effective recycling.

Reliable Recycling

Closed Loop Recycling takes the standard idea of recycling and enhances it. When you need services that think outside the drum, you need CLR.