Why CLR?

Start your green initiative off on the right foot with CLR.

Revolutionary Recycling

Recycling is one of the most impactful actions your company could take to save money and the environment, but why would you choose Closed Loop Recycling? Maybe you need better recycling options and the competition doesn’t cut it. Maybe you don’t know where to start and need a professional to get you started.

Either way, CLR has the tools, expertise, and reporting to start your green initiative off right. As recycling experts, we know what it takes to keep your budget in line, while also saving the environment. Our expertise covers personal protective equipment (PPE), reusable absorbents, storage options, and more. With customized reporting, top-grade recycling expertise, and an unbeatable process, CLR has all the tools you need to succeed.

Whatever It Takes

We are true to our company mantra “Whatever It Takes,” and commit to always perform at our best to provide legendary service. Since first opening in 1995, CLR has remained dedicated to maintaining a company culture and innovative mindset that benefit both our clients and employees. Our people and processes are and will always be driven to reinvent the waste management industry and set ourselves apart from the competition.

Our Difference


CLR has the largest line of reusable absorbents, rags, and wipers in the country. We also launder a vast array of textile PPE, at only a fraction of their original cost.


Our revolutionary Minimal Liquid Discharge (MLD) process has been audited and approved by the country’s top Fortune 100 companies and the industry’s leading waste brokers. This award-winning process includes full facility services, detailed reporting, and end-user training.


Our competitive, no-term pricing models set us apart from other recyclers. With CLR, you never pay for unused material or get locked in to preset inventory levels.

Turn 3 Waste Streams Into 3 Reusable Products

Used Oil

Oil and other non-hazardous fluids are extracted from the absorbent and PPE materials. It is reused as asphalt or low-grade fuel.

Absorbents & PPE

Non-hazardous fluids are extracted from absorbents and PPE, then reused as asphalt or low-grade fuel.

Collection Drums

Once the used drums are emptied, they are reconditioned for reuse.


As our process has evolved over the years, Closed Loop Recycling has been recognized as an outstanding recycling company that brings innovative ideas to all of our solutions. This has garnered us a few awards to showcase our talent.

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Every program we offer comes with a free trial run, so you can see how it compares to your current recycling solution, contact CLR today.

Customized Reporting

Stay up to date on the latest changes to your processes and recycling successes with our specialized reporting. We show you how much waste you’ve recycled, which sections of your business have the most recycling success, how much money you’ve saved so far, and much more. Numbers are the lifeblood of any business and CLR provides you all the numbers you need to see future growth and success.

Our Process

The process we take to ensure your recycling operations are sound may seem extensive but well worth the effort. From Minimal Liquid Discharge to PPE processing and beyond, we have multiple recycling methods to save you time and money while reducing landfill and incineration waste. Focus on a brighter future with the expert services of CLR.

Recycling Benefits

The benefits of recycling are vast and there are many different forms of recycling to help your business flourish. CLR shows the many positive aspects of recycling and how it can change your business for the better in a short amount of time. We also explain our Minimal Liquid Discharge process and our PPE recycling system.

Environmentally Friendly

Recycling saves the environment and your community. Start making a greater difference to the world around you with CLR.

Reliable Recycling

Closed Loop Recycling takes the standard idea of recycling and enhances it. When you need services that think outside the drum, you need CLR.