Who We Are

Think outside the drum with the experts at Closed Loop Recycling.

Welcome to Closed Loop Recycling!

Closed Loop Recycling takes the standard definition of recycling and enhances, refines, and revolutionizes it. Since we opened our doors in 1995, we’ve committed ourselves to changing businesses, communities, and the world at large for the better. By improving your industrial cleaning supplies and processes, we help you make a positive impact on the world around you through recycling.

Our specialty lies with industrial textiles such as personal protective equipment (PPE)wipers, absorbent mats, and more. We supply you with all the assets you need to keep your workplace safe and recycle these assets when they’re used up, so you save money and the environment. Our core focus is to help companies achieve green initiatives such as Zero Landfill and ISO 14001 certification.

Our Timeline

Meet the Team

Get acquainted with the members of the CLR team and the impact they have on our business every day. Every member of our team is a vital part of our tightly knit family, and we pride ourselves on the company spirit, dedication, and ingenuity these people bring to the table. We strive to lead a company that is as committed to our workers as they’re committed to our customers, and these are a few of the faces who make it all possible.

Rick Marchbanks

President & CEO

Jeff Huelskoetter 

Managing Partner

Laurie Simpson

Director of Business Operations

Eric Minder 

VP of Environmental Operations

Steve Simpson

National Sales Manager

Steffan Carmichael

OKC Production Manager

Mike Cambron

Customer Service and Logistics Manager

Thomas Breedlove

STL Plant Manager

Changing the World

CLR provides you with a free trial and a cost analysis so you can see firsthand how our solutions compare to your current system. We compare our services to your ongoing disposal and recycling processes and see how much of an impact we could make on your budget and the environment. This specialized process has been observed and approved by members of the Fortune 100 and the industry’s leading waste brokers. We guarantee you’ll see a positive change in your business when you rely on CLR to help you implement effective recycling solutions.

Awards and Achievements

Closed Loop Recycling has been recognized by numerous associations for our phenomenal service and dedication to the environment. In 2014, we were awarded the Outstanding Service Provider award from the Illinois Recycling Association. The award is given out yearly to companies who are able to achieve great environmental and economic benefits to their clients. While we love to win, we don’t just win awards for ourselves. We also nominate our clients for various awards each year in celebration of their environmental excellence!


Below you’ll find all the resources you need to get a better understanding of the work we do and how we manage to innovate recycling day in and day out.