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Every program we offer comes with a free trial run, so you can see how it compares to your current operations.

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Recycling Test Run

Closed Loop Recycling offers unparalleled recycling services that save you money while protecting the environment. Our free trial option lets you test out our services and see how effective they are compared to your current process.

One of our certified Territory Managers will come to assess the needs of your facility and how our recycling services could benefit you. They’ll see what you’re currently using, what you would like to use, what would provide you the most beneficial budget savings, and so on. We can help set up the absorbent services or products you need and provide free employee training We offer service pickup, laundering, and delivery.

During this trial, we perform a cost analysis to see how we compare to your current system. For personal protective equipment (PPE), our free trial provides the collection containers needed to collect and ship your PPE to our facilities for thorough laundering. We provide detailed before-and-after pictures to show how effective our laundry process is and how much it saves you on purchasing and disposal fees. All this information is provided before you pay anything. The trial length depends on your volume of usage to ensure we form fit a trial for your specific goals.