Reusable Absorbents

Keep your workplace clean and save money on cleaning assets with the reusable absorbents of Closed Loop Recycling.

Industrial Absorbents

Liquid waste appears in many different industrial work environments. You need options to clean up a variety of liquids that could cause accidents or reduce productivity if left alone. Oil spills, hydraulic fluid leaks, containment pan overflows, and more are only a few of the issues your employees could run into daily. CLR provides a turnkey SPCC Plan (Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure) to ensure your facility saves times when absorbents are needed.

Here at Closed Loop Recycling, we offer a wide variety of reusable absorbents to cover any situation you may encounter during the day. From using industrial oil-absorbent mats to providing shop towels for smaller spills, we have multiple solutions for any problem you may come across.

Options for cleaning any workplace liquid.


Mats are able to keep specific areas clean by absorbing any liquids that they come in contact with and come in many different types. We also have a laundering service to thoroughly clean them so your reusable oil absorbents can continue doing their job beyond their typical lifespan.

Shop Towels

Shop towels are a convenient option for many employees to have near at hand in case they need to wipe off their hands or their work station. These towels can handle oil, water, coolants, and more, fully absorbing the spill and reducing the chance of accidents or issues.


Coming in a variety of sizes, t-rags are reusable, recyclable shop rags that are 100% cotton. These low-cost rags are convenient for personal use and clean up most liquids with ease. CLR has a treatment process that cleans your dirty rags and makes them good as new too, so you never need to worry about investing in more than one batch of cleaning rags.

Minimal Liquid Discharge (MLD)

Our revolutionary service separates liquids from your cleaning materials so your materials see more prolonged use while the liquids are recycled and reused.

Revolutionary Recycling Process

Closed Loop Recycling specializes in industrial textiles and focuses on helping companies achieve green initiatives through our services. Our revolutionary Minimal Liquid Discharge process is one of the main factors behind these green initiatives. We take your used mats, rags, and towels, launder them, and extract the liquids they’ve absorbed.

Not only do we thoroughly clean these products, but the extracted liquid is recycled. This process saves you money on buying new disposable materials. Save time, money, and the environment with the cutting-edge services of CLR.

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