Recycling Benefits

Preserve the Environment With CLR.

Why Recycle?

CLR’s laundering process offers many benefits including cost savings, environmental impact, and organizational efficiency. We handle all the transportation, digital documentation, and on-site or virtual training while providing the most environmentally effective laundering in the industry.

Our industrial processes and waste stream management are at the top of their class and have a substantial impact on your business right from the beginning. In 2019, CLR and our customers reused nearly 2 million pounds of solid waste and over 300,000 gallons of liquid waste. Your budget and your community will thank you for trusting in CLR. At CLR, we focus on differentiating from other companies in 3 major ways; our 3 P’s:


From rags to mats to PPE services and beyond, our recycling solutions can affect your business every day. We help you work towards your ISO14001 certification or any other green initiative you’ve been working to achieve through stellar product offerings. With the largest line of reusable absorbents in the country and the storage solutions to accompany them, you can be sure your workspace will always be clean and cared for.


Our full facility service strategy allows your labor force to focus on their work without interruption. Reduce the time it takes employees to clean, lower workplace liability, and increase productivity across the company with our extensive service offerings and Minimal Liquid Discharge, our recycling treatment process.


Simplify your asset and material costs with our simple, flat-rate bundle pricing. Reduce material spending on absorbents, wipers, gloves, sleeves, aprons, jackets and many more items. PPE laundering saves you up to 80% compared to disposal and rebuying assets. Let our custom cost analysis help your business find the cheapest and most efficient solution.

PPE Recycling and Minimal Liquid Discharge

CLR has perfected our personal protective equipment (PPE) recycling process, with our services handling many different materials. When your equipment becomes too dirty, we extract the dirt, liquids, and metals from the fabric and return everything to you, good as new.

In a similar fashion, Minimal Liquid Discharge (MLD) is our revolutionary recycling process that does away with conventional waste disposal. Instead of throwing away your disposable cleaning implements, we can transport and launder them to be fully functional again. Our MLD systems extract any liquid that may be trapped in the fabric of your disposables and separates it. This liquid is recycled and reused in our facility and your own, meaning this process has no waste runoff. Save money on new disposables and save the environment by throwing away fewer cleaning supplies with the help of CLR.

Reliable Recycling

Closed Loop Recycling takes the standard idea of recycling and enhances it. When you need services that think outside the drum, you need CLR.