PPE Recycling in Charlotte, NC

Recycling solutions aren’t limited to one city. Closed Loop Recycling provides innovative recycling across the country, including in Charlotte, NC.

At Closed Loop Recycling, we provide innovative solutions across the country and keep expanding our services to help more companies achieve green initiatives and protect the environment. Through proper PPE and absorbent recycling, you’ll save the planet and your budget through effective support services from CLR.

Effective PPE Recycling

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) keeps your workers safe while they complete their job. Whether they work with raw materials, liquid waste, or hazardous materials, there is always a need for protective gear. Every company has its own protective needs, so Closed Loop Recycling ensures that you have all the PPE laundering you need to get the job done effectively. This includes PPE such as:

When you need fully recyclable industrial textiles that keep your workers safe, trust in CLR’s services. We offer laundering solutions that extract the dirt and filth from your PPE, getting it back to you promptly after laundering and safety check activities are completed. You’ll reduce your PPE spending by up to 80% in the first month when you rely on CLR to help keep you safe and your processes green.

Specialized Green Recycling Process

Closed Loop Recycling has an innovative Minimal Liquid Discharge laundering process that cleans PPE without creating waste water as a byproduct of laundering.

Absorbents for Charlotte, NC

CLR offers a variety of absorbent materials as well, from shop rags to absorbent mats and more. The recycling industry focuses on reducing the amount of waste and the rate of reusable equipment being thrown out. Using our Minimal Liquid Discharge (MLD) process, we can provide recycled products for your business time and time again. All the recyclable materials and absorbents you use are extracted of liquids, dirt and metal shavings. They are then thoroughly cleaned and brought back to you for further use. Keep your workplace clean and orderly with absorbent solutions and customized storage options.

Minimal Liquid Discharge

Closed Loop Recycling specializes in industrial textiles and focuses on helping companies achieve green initiatives such as ISO 14001 certification. Our revolutionary Minimal Liquid Discharge process allows customers to achieve green goals while eliminating any residual waste that may come from recycling activities. We take your used mats, rags, towels, and more, launder them, and extract the liquids they’ve absorbed.

Not only do we thoroughly clean these products, but the extracted liquid is also recycled. This process saves you money on buying new disposable materials and disposing of used material via incineration. Save time, money, and the environment with the cutting-edge services of CLR.

Reliable Recycling

Closed Loop Recycling takes the standard idea of recycling and enhances it. When you need services that think outside the drum, you need CLR.