PPE Recycling in Indianapolis, IN

 Reusable PPE and absorbent recycling solutions aren’t limited to one location. Closed Loop Recycling offers innovative solutions across Indianapolis, IN.

Closed Loop Recycling strives to provide ongoing reusable absorbent and PPE recycling solutions throughout the country. Our recycling goes beyond traditional rinse and repeat methods. With recycling programs that make reusable absorbents and PPE as clean as the day you bought them, you’ll find yourself saving money and the environment in your first month.

Reusable PPE Recycling Solutions

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) acts as a workplace safety solution and ensures your workers can do their jobs without risking their health. No matter what type of job they perform, there is always a use for PPE. Your safety needs are a high priority, so CLR has set up the ideal PPE laundering service to keep your equipment in use longer. Our recycling covers:

Energy efficiency starts with industrial textile recycling solutions. CLR offers laundering solutions that extract the dirt and debris from your PPE. We return it to you after properly laundering and performing safety checks. You’ll reduce your PPE spending by up to 80% in the first month when you rely on the reusable PPE recycling solutions of CLR to keep your equipment clean.

Corporate Green Initiatives

Closed Loop Recycling helps you achieve your ideal green initiatives and become a more environmentally friendly business right away.

Reusable Absorbent Recycling in Indianapolis

CLR provides a variety of reusable absorbent recycling solutions, from absorbent mats to shop towels. We help reduce the risk of workplace accidents caused by oil spills or other liquids through our different absorbents. Our Minimal Liquid Discharge process recycles your absorbents, extracting any ingrained liquids or debris and returning them good as new after they undergo a thorough safety inspection. Whether your business deals with medical waste or manufacturing materials, we help keep your workplace clean and your cost within budget.

Minimal Liquid Discharge

Closed Loop Recycling specializes in industrial textiles and focuses on helping companies achieve green initiatives such as ISO 14001 certification. Our revolutionary Minimal Liquid Discharge process allows customers to achieve green goals while eliminating any residual waste that may come from recycling activities. We take your used mats, rags, towels, and more, launder them, and extract their absorbed liquids.

Not only do we thoroughly clean these products, but the extracted liquid is also recycled. This process saves you money since you don’t need to buy new disposable materials or regularly dispose of used materials via incineration. Save time, money, and the environment with the cutting-edge services of CLR.

Reusable Recycling for PPE and Absorbents

Closed Loop Recycling takes recycling and gives it a spin. We help you achieve green initiatives, lower your spending on your PPE and absorbents, and keep your workers safe. When you need reliable recycling services that think outside the drum, contact CLR.

Reliable Recycling

Closed Loop Recycling takes the standard idea of recycling and enhances it. When you need services that think outside the drum, you need CLR.