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Our PPE Laundering Services

Closed Loop Recycling’s mission is to change the way industrial businesses handle their recycling. We’ll help you keep your workplace clean while protecting the environment and your community.


We offer high-quality laundering services for a variety of glove types, including Kevlar, high impact, leather, nitrile, and PU dipped.


Whether your company uses welding or cut-resistant sleeves, CLR launders your sleeves at a flat rate and returns them to your facility.


From welding and fire resistant (FR) to denim, you can save money and reduce excess waste when you launder and reuse your aprons with CLR.


Our industrial laundering process includes taking your used jackets and making them fully functional again. This cuts your costs and keeps your inventory in circulation longer.

Safety Vests

Keep your employees safe and save money with our laundering process for high-visibility safety vests.

The Beauty of Reusing Your Personal Protective Equipment

For you, the business owner, improving your bottom line is a significant goal, and reusable personal protective equipment (PPE) can help you achieve it. Let’s say you run a manufacturing facility that requires your employees to wear cut-resistant gloves daily.

The average cost of one pair of disposable gloves is $5.00. If 100 employees need a new pair weekly, requiring you to purchase new inventory monthly, you can potentially spend $4,000 per month on disposable PPE Gloves alone. With Closed Loop Recycling’s PPE laundering services, you can easily save money on inventory purchases and reduce your overhead costs.

Our Process

CLR has a seven-step process when it comes to laundering and reusing PPE:

Customized Reporting

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