Did you know? Industrial PPE such as gloves, sleeves, and safety vests can take up to 200 years to decompose in the landfill.

Closed Loop Recycling helps companies reach their zero landfill initiatives by offering full-service recycling programs that clean, inspect and return PPE for reuse with comprehensive reporting. Implementing a PPE laundering program can greatly reduce the number of new gloves being purchased and drive down costs while also eliminating waste streams.

Our Industrial PPE Laundering Services

Closed Loop Recycling’s mission is to eliminate waste while providing a safer, cleaner and more hygienic alternative to wearing dirty PPE for multiple days in a row.

Other PPE We Launder

Safety Vest

Keep your employees safe and save money with our laundering process for high-visibility safety vests.


Whether your company uses welding or cut-resistant sleeves, CLR launders your sleeves at a flat rate and returns them to your facility.

Safety Jacket

Our industrial laundering process includes taking your used jackets and making them fully functional again. This cuts your costs and keeps your inventory in circulation longer.

Welding Aprons

From welding and fire resistant (FR) to denim, you can save money and reduce excess waste when you launder and reuse your aprons with CLR.

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Our Process

The Closed Loop Recycling three-step laundering process

1. Pickup and Delivery

  • Full facility service
  • Consolidate dirty drums
  • Replenish clean distribution
  • Replace and clean signs
  • Verifies service signature

3. Reports

  • Sustainability Report – Total pounds diverted
  • Processing Report – Pairs and scrap produced
  • EPUDS – Electronic Pick Up/Delivery Slip
  • Plant Layout – Full facility service map

2. Sorted and Washed

  • Weighed
  • Washed
  • Metal Detected
  • Quality Inspected
  • Bundled