To Dispose or Reuse? Industrial Absorbent Mat Options

Save money, time, and the environment with industrial absorbent mats. 

Industrial Absorbent Floor Mats: Disposable vs Reusable Options

When choosing the right industrial absorbent floor mat for your business, you have options—but first, ask yourself: “Should I dispose or reuse?” 

Disposable absorbent options, such as PIG, Oil-Dri, and WypAll, seem like a more convenient solution but generally cost you more money, time, and hassle. Purchasing disposable absorbent mats means you also have to invest in collection containers and proper signage for your facility, manage inventory efficiently, establish a relationship with a waste vendor to dispose of the used mats, and manage the liability that could come from the EPA’s Paint Filter Test.

Not only do disposable industrial absorbent floor mats increase your inventory costs, but methods for disposing of one-time-use mats result in a negative impact on the environment, increasing pollution and natural habitat destruction. 

Testing Disposable vs Reusable Mats

Disposable absorbent mats pull in oils, coolants, water, and other industrial liquids. Often called PIG mats or PIG socks, disposable absorbent mats are a common industry solution for absorbing liquids, but when tested and compared to Closed Loop Recycling’s industry-standard reusable absorbent mat, the disposable mat option required three pieces to absorb the same amount of liquid as one reusable absorbent mat option. By using a disposable mat to absorb liquid, you’re likely to purchase inventory sooner rather than later and will have to send oil-filled mats to a landfill with possible liability or pay heavy costs for incineration services to ensure compliance. 

The Benefits of Reusable, Oil-Absorbent Mats

Avoiding disposable mats and opting for the more cost-effective, environmentally friendly option, reusable, oil-absorbent mats, has several benefits:

  • Saves money and energy
  • Prevents the increase of pollution by reducing the need for raw materials
  • Conserves natural, valuable resources 
  • Supports American manufacturing 
  • Increases economic security by tapping into a domestic material source

Not only do you help the environment and save money with reusable, oil-absorbent mats, but Closed Loop can also help you reach your green initiatives by developing a custom recycling program tailored to your operational needs when you choose from our high-quality line of reusable floor mats.

Not Ready to Commit? Try Our Free Trial Program

During our free trial program, we perform a cost analysis to see how our reusable, oil-absorbent mats compare to your current disposable options.

Our Reusable, Oil-Absorbent Mat Options

CLR is a proprietor of various high-quality, reusable absorbents, such as absorbent mats and socks. Customers from a wide range of industries consider our reusable mats an everyday necessity for an array of solutions, from keeping floors safe and slip-free to soaking up oil leaks from facility machinery.

Our mat options include:

Quilted Reusable Absorbent Mats

CLR’s quilted reusable absorbent mats are a perfect solution for oil and water-based liquids, food oils, and oil coolants. Better known as the quick response mat, the quilted mat is extremely absorbent and a good choice for “reactive” applications. 

Hydro Industrial Absorbent Mats

If your business involves using oil for everyday operations, our hydro industrial absorbent mats are a superior reusable option for your business. Hydro mats are an oil-only absorbent solution capable of picking up oil spills anywhere. 

Poly Reusable Absorbent Mats

Known as our “marathon mat,” poly reusable absorbent mats are essential for everyday use for “proactive” applications. Marathon mats are the most versatile absorbent available to combat non-hazardous fluids across any industry, from absorbing leaking oil to general-purpose soaking.

Reusable, Oil-Absorbent Socks

A disposable absorbent sock has to be flipped multiple times for maximum use—a reusable absorbent sock handles twice as much liquid as a disposable sock. Capable of absorbing oil- and water-based liquids, reusable, oil-absorbent socks have an anti-slip design perfect for warehouse and facility floors.

At CLR, our reusable, oil-absorbent mats come to you at a much higher quality than any disposable mat available on the market today, such as PIG mats, Oil-Dri, and WypAll. When you choose us for your absorbent mat and recycling solutions, your material and recycling needs are met by an experienced, single-source vendor.

Providing Industrial Absorbent Mats for Top-Notch Spill Control

Closed Loop Recycling is a single-source recycling vendor, providing you with a positive recycling experience from one point of contact. Customers utilize our absorbent program as a turnkey SPCC (Spill Prevention, Control & Countermeasure). 

Choosing a reusable spill control solution rather than disposable floor mats has multiple benefits. When properly laundered, all of our reusable, oil-absorbent mats are a cost-effective way to make a positive environmental impact and improve your business’s organization. Learn more about our free trial program, so you can experience recycling benefits yourself.

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